Body Massages

Acupressure Chair Massage: (30 min. $40)
An invigorating upper body massage is received in the seated position using a specially designed chair, without disturbing or removing everyday attire.
Refresher Mini-Massage: (30 min.  $40)
This 30-minute back, neck and shoulder routine will invigorate and rejuvenate a tired body.
Relaxation Massage: (60 min.  $65)
This relaxing Swedish massage will ease you into an indulging state of mind. Through long, even strokes you will experience improved circulation and relief from muscle tension.
Deep Tissue Massage: (60 min.  $65)
This is a deeper pressured massage where different forms of modalities will be used for a completely tailored experience.
Sports Massage: (60 min.  $65)
This massage helps maintains the body in generally better condition; prevent injury and loss of mobility. Sports Massage may also boost performance. 
European Stone Massage: (60 min.  $75)
This massage begins with specific stone therapy using our specialty massage oil. Hot stones heat the back and neck as they are worked down the length of the body. 
Expectant Mother Massage: (60 min.  $75)
This is a soothing relaxation massage for women in their second and third trimester.